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Qinghai TSinghua Biotry Bio-Tech CO.,LTD

Qinghai Tsinghua Biotry Bio-tech Co Ltd (hereafter termed Biotry) is founded in September 2005 at Qinghai Biological Park. Biotry is the first commercialized cooperation project between Qinghai province and Tsinghua University, which provides guidance and supports from its Center of Industries and Capital Research. 

As one of China's national hi-tech enterprises and a leading enterprise in agriculture and forestry industry, Biotry dedicates to promote the local economy in Qinghai and even in China. Based on the effective strategic cooperation mechanisms of production, academic and research, Biotry has built up long-term relationships of sharing resources with a  lot of research institutes and organizations including Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Cell and Gene, Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Jiangnan University, Qinghai University, Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Light Industry Research Institute of Qinghai Province. 

Biotry mainly devotes to Plateau ecological plants researching, developing, and deep processing, which includes sea buckthorn, Goji berry, nitraria, and etc. Company’s productions cover sea buckthorn wine, sea buckthorn ice wine, sea buckthorn extract, sea buckthorn beverage, sea buckthorn oil, and etc. There are 43 patents in China, European Union, and America belonging to Biotry. Biotry is a well-known sea buckthorn manufacture, which owns organic food certification in Japan and European Union, FDA certification of America, and Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America. Biotry creates a famous brand—QINGHAIQING by managing the excellent sea buckthorn and Goji berry resources in Qinghai province, by outstanding innovation and marketing capability. Biotry has successfully held the 5th International Sea Buckthorn Association Conference in 4th September 2011, which shows Biotry has become a world’s leading enterprise in sea buckthorn industry. Biotry's business mainly focuses on the research, development and deep processing of the Tibetan Plateau's ecological plants such as sea buckthorn, Goji berry, Nitrariaceae, and etc. Company’s productions cover sea buckthorn wine, sea buckthorn ice wine, sea buckthorn extract, sea buckthorn beverage, sea buckthorn oil, and etc. Biotry owns 37 patents in China, European Union, and America. Biotry is a well-known and trustworthy manufacture in sea buckthorn industry, with organic food certifications of Japan and European Union, FDA certification of America, and the HALAL certification of the International Islamic Food and Nutrition Council. In 2014, Biotry cooperated with Bolivia and successfully planted buckwheat, the “space food”, on the Tibet Plateau. Biotry also became one of the first legal buckwheat planting and processing enterprises in China.

By making full use of the high-quality sea buckthorn and Goji berry resources in Qinghai Province, Biotry has built up the famous brand QINGHAIQING with its outstanding marketing capability and continuous innovation in technology. Biotry's achievements have gained compliments from the sea buckthorn industry. 

In 4th September 2011, Biotry successfully held the 5th International Sea Buckthorn Association Conference. Moreover, in September 2014, Biotry hosted the 2014 Qinghai Sea buckthorn Resources Construction and Utilization Forum and the 2nd International Summit on Plateau Berry Utilization. These proved the ability of Biotry in becoming a world class leading enterprise in sea buckthorn industry.

Since 2014, Biotry has accelerated its pace in international business. Biotry has established subsidiaries and offices in South Korea, Singapore, Australia and the United States. At present, the QINGHAIQING sea buckthorn series products are not only sold to domestic markets such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, etc., but are also exported to overseas markets such as the EU, North America, Southeast Asia, etc. The export value of Biotry's products ranks in the forefront of various agricultural and livestock products in Qinghai Province. Biotry is also a national exemplary model for the export of ecological and high-tech products in China.



Qinghai Tsinghua Biotry Biological Technology Co. Ltd. was established. 


The 100,000 area sea buckthorn base project was launched.

QINGHAIQING sea buckthorn wine became the designated wine of Tour of Qinghai Lake and Qinghai Negotiation Conference.


Biotry got the ISO9000 and HACCP certifications.

Sea buckthorn compound extraction and sea buckthorn vinegar were launched to market.
QINGHAIQING sea buckthorn Vitamin E powder started being exported to Europe.


2007-2008 Biotry was selected as the National leading food industry enterprise.


Biotry was conferred the National Federation of Science and Technology Progress Award.


Biotry was evaluated as a key high-tech enterprise of China's national Torch Plan by the Ministry of science the torch high technology industry development center, and also become annual import and export enterprises of Qinghai province.


Biotry successful hosted The 5th International Sea buckthorn Association Conference (ISA2011).


QINGHAIQING was appraised as the Famous trademark of Qinghai province.


Biotry's new office building was settled.


Biotry successfully held the Second International Summit of Comprehensive Utilization in the Tibetan Plateau Berries.

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